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    Giveaway #2 – Ons Gear


    If you live in a chilly city, (like me…the windy city) then you know how challenging it is to get childrens mittens and gloves to stay put! There is nothing worse that going out to play in the snow and then finding you have an arms length of snow up your sleeve! Ons Gear has come up with a fabulous way (a much warmer way) to keep your childrens mittens to say on. They call them MITT-ONS™, and what it is, is an innovative mitten which stop snow from getting in, keeping hands warm and dry. Of course we had to test them out and make sure that in this snowy Chicago suburb my little (precious) daughter’s hands are snugly warm after playing outside in the snow with her brother. (PS Ons Gear, I would like these in adult sizes using gloves please!) They are fantastic! They really do keep the snow from going up and into the sleeves of your child’s coat allowing them to play outside a longer! (YAY!)

    They are made with a sleeve that goes all the way to the elbow and it zippers at the wrist for easy access, say for, taking off a coat to go to the bathroom 18 times opening and closing that patio door so you wonder why you are heating your home…but that is another story all in itself! They are patent-pending and are truly designed to stay on! They come in 3 different colors and sizes for boys and girls aged 2 to teen years.

    Because the product is so awesome, the company has offered to give away one pair to one lucky reader located in the United States or Canada. You get to choose your color and size! Keep for your child or give it to a loved one’s child, or if you don’t have a child, enter and give it to a child in need this winter!!!

    All you need to do is “like” Ons Gear on Facebook, and fill out the entry form below! Wha-la, your entered! Giveaway starts 12/7/2010 and ends at 5PM CST on 12/12/2010. Could this be your lucky day??? Enter and lets find out! (Retail Value: $24.95)

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