Day out with Thomas

We had the privilege of taking our 2 young boys to see their absolute favorite character of all time, Thomas the Train today. We bought the tickets months ago and had been anticipating the arrival of Thomas on his long journey from the Island of Sodor to Grapevine, TX.

We got the boys all dressed in their favorite Thomas the train gear and loaded into the car and headed out for the 45min drive. To our surprise our continuous 80 degree days had been overshadowed by cold, rain, and wind. But, nothing was going to stop us from seeing Thomas.

After pulling up to the assigned parking area and boarding the provided event shuttle, we were finally making our way to see Thomas. As the shuttle pulled into the Grapevine Vintage Railroad Station, we saw the bright blue train smiling in the distance. Braden started to yell out his name, “THOMAS, THOMAS, mommy its THOMAS!” I knew then we were in for a wonderful time.

They did not disappoint in the eyes of my 2 and 3 year old. We arrived and as we walked in the gates, we were immediately drawn to the tattoo station. Who would miss the opportunity to have their favorite train character displayed on their arm or hand? Well, we couldn’t and we made a bee-line straight there. The line was rather short, but no surprise because of the weather. Which ultimately worked in our advantage. After my boys were promintly displaying their Diesel 10 and Thomas tattoos, temporary tattoos, we saw Sir Topham Hat coming into view.

Of course, another moment of pure excitement and joy from my little ones. We quickly headed to the tent and waited our turn to meet the conductor of the Sodor rail lines. It was our turn and our little train fans became frightened by Sir Topham Hat. Not sure why? We had just been on a trip to Disney World and they loved all the characters there. But, none the less, we got a few pictures and quickly headed out of line.

The Thomas event was a little smaller then what I had imagined, but was perfect for my toddlers. A huge sandbox filled to the brim with toys was a great “break” area for us parents. Kept the boys busy for even just a few minutes while we sat down to rest. A huge toy model train station was set up under a big tent, live music with lots of bubbles, story time with Thomas & Friends, a large Thomas the train made out of Mega Blocks, gift shop with all you could imagine, were some other wonderful highlights of the event. All much loved by both of the boys.

However, the Thomas & Friends bounce house and Slide left a huge impression on both of them. It was by far, in their eyes, the best thing there. We had to drag them out just to make our train ride. But, we of course made several trips back.

As for the main event. Thomas the train. After all he was the reason we were there. We had our train tickets and boarded our vintage train being pulled by Thomas the train. The train ride lasted about 25 minutes and we listened to Thomas stories and music as the vintage train conductor came by and punched our tickets. The boys also received certificates stated they were official Junior Train Conductors. They were so happy and so proud! They are of course going to be framed and hung up.

After our train ride, we were able to have our picture taken with Thomas himself! Braden didn’t want to leave his side! But, then he saw the bounce house out of the corner of his eye and made a direct line straight to it. Whatever made him happy right? It was lunch time and we were all starving! There was not many choices for food there but they did have a few booths such as hot dogs, corn dogs, and steak sandwiches. The price of food and quality was what was to be expected from that type of event.

It was shopping time! What to choose, what to choose? Everything from bubbles and books to lunch boxes and shirts. Trains, trains, and more trains! It was amazing that we were able to escape their with only 2 tote bags, a blanket, and 2 trains. The end of the day was coming and we made a stop at the Imagination Station. Lots of train tables and mega block tables set up under a tent for everyone to play. Lets just say they did have to be dragged out of here kicking and screaming! But, they had a wonderful time.

As we made our way back to our car, they could not stop talking about all the fun they had at the Day out with Thomas. They even insisted on wearing their Thomas the train pajamas to bed. Not that they don’t usually on other nights, but tonight they were insistent. I am so happy we were able to take them and to experience this with them. It was so great and I am such a proud mommy.

Have a wonderful week!