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    Day Two…a success!

    I made it through the first day, but you know, sometimes the second and third are harder than the first! Even though I went out all day on Wednesday, I still managed to make healthier choices that I am proud of. I weighed myself again…and it didn’t change, which it was only one day, so again, I wasn’t expecting miracles!

    That leads me to today. I woke up a little later, wasn’t as hungry but forced myself to eat something. {I’m usually not a breakfast eater so this part is very hard to adjust to.} I had a slice of wheat toast with a teaspoon of Strawberry Preserve on it. NO butter…nothing but the preserve. It was ok…nothing to write home about. Since I was home all day, I had to keep myself busy so I didn’t have the opportunity to snack here and there. I had a Smart One for lunch {lasagna in meat sauce} that was 7 points plus…it was ok…again, nothing to write home about. Had that with a bottle of water and was good to go. For dinner, I made swiss steak in the crock pot. 1 pound of ground beef, 2 small cans of tomato sauce, can of water, a bunch of onions, tablespoon of oregano and a 1/4 tsp of garlic salt. It was DELISH!!! I took out my “portion” size helping of steak, paired that up with a 1/4 cup of mashed potatoes {made with skim milk} and 2 tablespoons of corn. That was it… I ate it slow to enjoy the flavors and it wasn’t that bad. I can say that I was not starving at all during the day, or the last two days. It’s been relatively easy to stick to. I’ve been journaling too which I think is a huge help! For snacking… {this is where I get suckered in to eating} I had a small handful of m&ms {a girl still needs her chocolate}, a shredded lettuce and cucumber salad with a splash of Olive Garden dressing, and a serving of cinnamon twists {from Aldi–yummmmm} oh…and a candy cane while I was waiting for my daughter at gymnastics! I did drink a bit more water today so that is a plus and I limited myself to one can of diet coke. Overall… I ate my points and dipped into the weekly points. I still have 40 of the 49 weekly points so that isn’t bad at all! I only have 5 more days to reach one full week!!! I CAN DO THIS!!!

    BTW…how often do YOU weigh yourself? Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Never???? I’d love to hear…please share in the comments below.

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