Daycare Disaster!

A mouse in daycare!  NOT the mouse we all love…

But a real-life nasty little mouse in the mouth… I’m sorry did you read that the MOUTH of an 8-month-old child in daycare!!!  Now you see I heard this story a few days ago but after much gagging, I am finally ready to tell it.  Britanny Barba’s precious little baby girl was at daycare and was found with a mouse in her mouth.  8-month-old Alanah’s grandmother volunteers at the daycare and was the one who found the baby with the rodent in her mouth!

Alanah’s mother is furious– rightfully so, and has pulled Alanah out of that daycare in Newark, New Jersey.  The daycare’s owner issued this statement “This was an isolated incident, a very unfortunate incident, and it really hurt me. I was up all night about this because it could have been my child,” Alanah was sent to the hospital and was not injured during the event however she did have some tummy issues.

This made me wonder, how do you know if your daycare is following protocol?  Was the daycare not staffed correctly and why wasn’t the rodent problem already put in check?  If your child is in daycare what do you do to make sure your daycare is on the up and up?