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    Determination #WordADayChallenge


    Determination #WordADayChallenge

    Determination, you are never around long enough for me to enjoy you.  I’m using weight loss in this post because it’s the only thing that I am 110% focused on right now.  There are so many people that I admire for their determination; determination for their own weight loss, determination for success, determination to do more, to have more, to be more.  I have stopped and started trying to lose weight more times than I have fingers.  I always talked myself into it only to let myself down a couple weeks into it.  Something happens, usually it’s just an excuse but I fall off the wagon so to speak and it takes me a lot of time to build myself up again to even give it another go.  I don’t know what other people have when it comes to being determined and how they focus on it so intensely. I strive for that.

    I have two graduations coming up in May and I really want to be down a size or two so that I feel comfortable in a dress or at least nice dress pants.  This time though, I think I am more determined than I have been in the past.  I don’t think anything major changed (mind wise) other than the fact being that I only have 4 months to do what ever I can.  I do feel determined.  I wake up with a different mindset and I am motivated to get myself moving every day.  I started riding a recumbent bike but then I discovered Pilates and really fell in love with those workouts.  I really fell in love with Blogilates on YouTube!  She has a beginners calendar that I am going off of and in just about 25 minutes a day, I am feeling muscles I had no idea even existed.  Even though I’m not sweating up a storm, I can feel my muscles working and I love that feeling.  It makes me even more determined to keep pushing forward.

    I started Weight Watchers ..again, but it works because I’ve done it before.  The whole key to it is tracking your food. You can do it with points or calories, or just keep a food journal, but by writing it down or tracking it, makes you realize just how much you are consuming.  And, it’s quite alarming to say the least.  I am now training myself to eat breakfast.  That’s something that I haven’t done in years.  I usually don’t like eating in the morning.  It has a tendency to upset my stomach.  I am slowly getting past that.  I plan my lunch ahead of time and I have a dinner menu planned for the entire month of February.  I have even gone as far as measuring & weighing my food just to make sure that I am not under or over guessing myself when it comes to the tracking.  You’d be surprised how much 2 ounces of deli ham is!  My plan for the blog is to start incorporating some of my meals along with posts that share my weight loss journey.  It’s hard being older (46, 47 this year) and not being as active as I once was and expecting to lose weight by doing nothing.  

    I am happy to report that with my new found level of determination, I have lost 2.6 pounds with my first “official” weigh in.  May not sound like much, but it’s a start!  This week was a stressful week but I am hopeful that I will be losing something….anything is better than nothing!  I weigh in on Sundays mornings.  I am determined and I have to keep reminding myself of that.  Want to know something funny?  The other day I was at the counter doing tippy toe lifts (as I call them) and then I did counter push ups!  I NEVER do that just because!  Even my daughter made a comment about it but I kept going!  I want to be happier in my own body and I think, know, that I am determined enough to make it stick this time around!  I’m determined to make a change and I have, and will continue to do so!  Then…. I get to go shopping for SMALLER clothes! I’m determined to make this work, once and for all!


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    Tomorrows word is Empathy.



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