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    Dial Kids – Review

    Dial for Kids = Happy Moms!

    If there is one thing that I love it’s clean smelling kids.  I’ll tell you that as they get older, their bodies change and they can go from baby powder scent to dirt scent in a blink of an eye.  I was very happy to get the opportunity to test out the Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash as well as the Dial Baby Body + Hair Wash this time around because…well….kids stink and get dirty, A LOT!!!  My youngest is the most active of all three kids so she is always getting dirty and always showering.  As a mom, I am happy to try out any product that is safe for her sensitive skin, even if that means she uses a “baby” type body and hair wash because I know it’s a little gentler than a harsh soap.

    Dial For Kids


    First we tried the Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash.  It is watermelon scented which is GREAT because she is on a huge watermelon kick right now!  

    Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash

    We love the foaming action in our house.  I’ve noticed with other “gel” type soaps that if you have kids and they don’t clean up the mess afterwards it gets really slimy and it’s disgusting to clean up.  With the foaming wash, if they accidentally get some on my countertop, even if I don’t get to it right away, there really isn’t anything there to scrub or clean up.  All I have to do is wipe it clean.  I don’t have to dig the soap up with my finger nail!!!  Come on, you know you’ve had to scrap stuff off the counter before…ewwww!!!  My daughter loves it because it’s quick, easy and it smells good.  If it smells good, then chances are, she’ll remember to wash her hands after using the washroom!  So far, it’s a thumbs up and a keeper for the Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash!  I just love foaming soaps!


    Next we have the Dial Baby Body and Hair Wash.  I know it says on the bottle that it’s good for 0-2 years old and it is.  However, since I have a child with very sensitive skin, I wanted to give this a try because we’ve been using other “baby” type body and hair washes, and well, I like to try things and test out other products in case something works better than others.  I didn’t get any photos of her actually using the soap because she’s 10 and that is just a bit creepy, but I did have her wash her hair with it for me so I can get some shots!  

    Dial Baby Body and Hair Wash

    After using it on her skin in the shower, I am happy to report that she didn’t receive any reaction to the body wash which is great!  Dial Baby Body and Hair Wash is tear free {so it won’t sting if they get it in their eyes}, it is hypoallergenic {so it’s gentle and won’t irritate sensitive skin}, contains no Parabens, is pH Balanced and is fragrance free!  Yippee!!  I asked her how she liked using it for hair wash and she said, and I quote, “It smells good and makes me feel clean”, so that right there is good enough for me!  I also like that it is a body and hair wash because I hate buying more things than I really need and to have a product that is a 2-in-1 makes my life so much easier!  No cluttered bathtub or shower, just one bottle for her!  We like it, a lot!


    We are giving away two FREE product coupons, to two lucky readers {one coupon for each winning reader} who leaves us a comment below letting us know what their favorite BABY or KIDS bath or hair washing product is.  You get extra bonus entries if you follow me on social media!  See the info below!

    To Enter the Contest:

    *MANDATORY* 5 points for leaving a comment below.  Please share with me what your favorite Baby OR Kids bath or hair washing product is.

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    That’s it!  You can earn up to 5 total entries.  I will select two winners at random and each one will receive a coupon that entitles them to receive one FREE bottle of the Dial Baby Body + Hair Wash OR a FREE bottle of Dial Kids Foaming Hand Wash.  The winners will have 24 hours to reply to confirm mailing address and if I do not hear from the winner/s, I will select a new winner/s.  Giveaway ends May 18th 5:00pm CST.  Winners will be notified with 24 hours.  Any questions, please feel free to email me!


    And I must add my disclosure. The Dial Brand provided me with a sample of Dial Baby Body + Hair Wash and Dial Kids Foaming Hand Soap in exchange for a product review.  However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.



    1. I usually just buy regular Suave body wash and some off brand foaming soap for my kids’ bathroom. They haven’t complained yet, but I think it I bought some kid’s products, they would notice! 🙂

    2. I like johnson and Johnson baby shampoo. I usually buy their products but would love to try dial.

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