Did that doll just curse?

You Tube of You and Me Interactive Triplet Doll

You be the judge did you hear the doll curse?

Many parents are furious with Toys R Us who are exclusive to the brand You and Me, which makes the Interactive Triplets that seem to say a curse word “Okay you crazy b***h”.  Toys R Us says the doll is not using profanity– it is just baby babble.  Toys R Us does not have plans to take the dolls off their shelves and they are currently on sale for $39.99.

The customer reviews are always fun to read so here are a couple for you:

From a parent in Ohio:

The dolls are not cursing….its all baby talk. I have heard things come out of my 2 year olds mouth that sounds like a curse, but know its not. Its funny when that happens….everyone laughs and laughs. But God forbid that we “think” we hear something from a doll, its fire and brimstone. I think you have a bigger problem if your child knows what that word means to begin with…that means they have heard it before…probably the same person writing these overreactive reviews. Shame on you.

Grandma from Michigan:

I bought these babies for my granddaughters birthday, but I won’t be giving them to her. The doll in the pink outfit seems to have a gutter mouth. Perhaps it was her upbringing, but I don’t want my granddaughter calling her Mom, Dad or anyone else for that matter a “Crazy B—h”. I don’t think she was talking about a female dog either! It is quite apparent that this is intentional and the makers of this product thought it would be cute to have a baby “swear”. Perhaps this is a sign of our times, but I don’t want to expose my granddaughter to profanity through her toys. I don’t recommend these dolls to anyone.

Caution this is angry mama from New Jersy:


  • Not None double negative
  • Pluuuuuuease
  • Your kidding right


  • Curses up a Storm
  • Filmsy packaging
  • Not funny
  • Real expensive
  • Traumatizing


  • Compost food
  • The incinerator
  • Trash Bin

One of these dolls said the phrase, “Crazy B”. I could not beleive my ears. In order get the doll to work, you need wave your hand across its eyes. This doll cursed, and my daughter, who loves dolls, does not want to play with ANY OF HER DOLLS, and I am p____ off! DO NOT BUY THIS! My Girl spent her $50 she’s been saving up and look at this c___. She gets $5 per week, so imagine how long it took her to be able to afford this. I’m on my way back to the store with this c____.

I’m only giving a 1 because they are making me.

Don’t you just love reading the reviews… weren’t we mad because the doll was cursing?  Anyhow please share do you think this doll is using profanity?  Will this doll still be on your Christmas list?