Disaster Preparedness Kits

While you can never be truly prepared for any type of natural disaster, it is always best to have a plan just in case. I am from North Texas area, right in tornado alley. We experience tornadoes every year and sometimes have weeks and even months of threatening conditions. It is never something to get used to nor do we ever want to. But, the one thing that helped me was to prepare a kit and a plan just in case. Even though tornadoes happen more often in the south and mid west, a tornado can strike any where the weather permits. I recall not long ago a tornado ripping through New York state.

Assign a room on the bottom floor of your house as your storm shelter. A room with no windows and no outside walls. Bathroom or closet. If no room or bathroom is available, a hall way will have to do. We do not have basements or underground rooms in Texas. 🙁 During a warning alert, grab pillows, blankets, mattresses and anything soft to make a barrier between yourself and any possible flying debris. Just remember to grab your kids, pets, and your kit when heading into the shelter.

For your kit it is best to have non battery operated or crank flashlights, a weather radio with extra batteries. Water, snacks, canned food and a can opener, extra shoes and a change of clothes. Keep a list of all your utility companies. If you need to shut off power to your home, the number will be handy. As well as any other important numbers such as home insurance information. If you have infants, keep a few extra diapers and formula handy.

Since a lot of tornadoes happen at night, not all, but some. When we get a tornado watch or warning, I will set out extra flashlights, a pair of shoes, change of clothes, and the travel potty (Yes sounds weird but if you are stuck in a closet for 45min to an hour, it will come in handy) near our storm shelter closet. I also, will make sure my phone is charging. Will need a full battery if storm hits.

While nothing will ever prepare us fully for the extent of what a tornado or other disaster can and will do, but if you are ever in that situation, having a pair of shoes and change of clothes will mean the world to you.

Stay safe everyone.