Disney + Netflix = Happiness & Family! #StreamTeam

Disney is on Netflix!  Yes, you heard me correctly, Disney films, the greatest in family movie titles is now on Netflix!  That’s the best of both worlds for all things streaming!  To kick it off, Disney’s Zootopia will be ready to stream on September 20, 2016!

There are some other great titles coming to Netflix this month like Tarzan, Mulan 2, Robin Hood, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl and Holes.  You can also expect to see  a certain special film that contains a battle between good and evil.

Disney's Zootopia

Disney + Netflix =
Happiness & Family!

Disney Holes

We are very excited to have Holes in the line up this month.  It happens to be my oldest daughters favorite book and movie.  If you haven’t heard about Holes, it revolves around delinquents who go away to a detention camp and are forced to dig hole after hole.  What the kids are digging them for though is not what you’d expect.  It’s just our little throwback to my daughters childhood and we are excited to kick back and watch it together, just like we did years ago!  It brings back memories for all of us.  


Tarzan, Disney’s adventure film will also be streaming this month.  A child who has been raised in the African jungle by great apes.  When Tarzan stumbles upon civilization he learns that it’s just not for him so he returns to his familiar home.  Suddenly he becomes the lord of the jungle!

.When you’re ready to settle in for movie night, you’ll want a good treat.  Try this ah-may-zing ice cream sandwich dessert!

Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe

Take some time and prepare yourself to be blown away by the magic that only these two franchises can bring to your living room.   

When thinking of Disney, what past or present day Disney movie would you like to see streaming on Netflix?     



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