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    {DIY craft} Baseball Wreath

    I found this DIY baseball wreath on Pinterest and I don’t remember where/how I stumbled upon it, but when I saw it, I knew I wanted to make it.  The one that was shown didn’t have the DK or the number 3 and as you can tell, I more or less customized it for my son’s team and used his number to show my support. It is also a little different, not sure if it was a sizing thing or what, but I ended up using a lot more balls than what I originally saw.

    I must give you a warning prior to you attempting this craft.  You need to use a hot glue gun and though I thought I was being extremely careful, I did end up burning my thumb as some of the glue dripped right on it.  Let’s just say, it hurt like HELL!!!!

    But, after it was all said and done, I was really happy with how the wreath turned out.  So, even after seeing my burnt thumb, should you wish to attempt this on your own, you will need hot glue sticks, a hot glue gun, a Styrofoam wreath (I used a green one), some ribbon (color of your choice) and some batting filled baseballs.  I ended up finding the baseballs at our local Party City.  They were sold in packages of 12 for something like $5.99 each.  I bought 3 packages and used each and every single baseball. I also picked up wooden letters (our teams initals) and my son’s number.  I painted them to match the team colors (obviously they are royal and orange).

    Now that you have your supplies, wrap the ribbon all the way around your wreath.  Once that is done, you can begin to hot glue all your balls to the wreath.  I started out just going right around the circle down the middle of the wreath.  From there, I went on the outside of the wreath, and then followed it up in gluing them in the center.  I laid out different ways to glue the initials and number and found that the way I have it shown above was the best visually pleasing layout.  I glued the initials and wrapped some ribbon around the base of the wreath so I can hang it and wha-la…a baseball wreath has been made!

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