DIY Craft – Halloween Lanterns

As we say in Texas, “It’s fall, y’all!” LOL, But, you wouldn’t know it by our weather. Still in the high 90s and only a slight chance of relief this weekend, but usually that relief is short lived.

I was asked by a good friend of mine and fellow blogger to create a DIY Craft to share on her blog. I was very happy to do so and got straight to work brainstorming. I scanned Pinterest and found these super cute DIY lanterns made from mason jars. They seemed simple enough to make and I had all the supplies already on hand.

I got right to work, painted, cut, embellished, and displayed! Wow, only took me seriously, 10min tops. Well, not including paint dry time. Now, some tutorials said to use tissue paper and not paint, but I used paint and worked just fine!

If you have some mason jars, spray paint, craft paint or marker, and some ribbon, you too can create these great lanterns.

Here is our finished Halloween Lanterns we made using mason jars, paint, vinyl cutouts, and ribbon.

To check out the full tutorial, please check out my good friend Jennifer’s blog HERE.