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    {DIY} Glitter Vases

    Spruce up a simple glass jar, candle holder, vase, or any glass item with this simple and super easy DIY craft.

    All you need is acrylic paint. I purchased a red and white paint from Hobby Lobby for only $1.09 a bottle. Some matching glitter. Make sure your paint and glitter match as much as possible. Paintbrush and some paper plates, napkins, newspaper, something to catch all the falling glitter.


    Put some paint on a plate. Don’t need much at all.

    Paint the edges or area of the glass you want to be all glittered. I am only doing half of vase around.

    Sprinkle glitter all over the entire painted area of the vase. Be careful when turning the vase around. Glitter will fall, all over! Turn vase several times making sure glitter has completely covered all paint.

    Dust off any loose glitter using a dry paint brush or napkin.

    Let dry completely. At least several hours or overnight.

    That’s it. Super simple and now super cute!!!

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