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    {DIY} Homemade Play Dough

    After picking up the dried play dough from the carpet, yet again, I decided I had enough. I know they love playing with play dough, but they never, EVER, clean up after and there is always a huge mess. Once all the little bits dry up I push it all onto the floor and vacuum it up. Well, doing this process at least 15 times a day, 5 days a week, has left little play dough is the actual containers. So little, that I just decided to trash it all.

    Big mistake. Daily questioning by my 4 year old as to where his play dough is, is not how I like to spend my afternoons. So, while searching through pinterest one morning for Halloween crafts, I came across a DIY pumpkin play dough craft. I thought this would be absolutely perfect for my 6 year olds 1st grade class for Halloween gifts. Especially since they are not allowed to bring food or candy. I already had all the ingredients on hand, so I decided to make a sample batch. This would give my 4 year old the play dough he has been begging me to replace and give me practice to make my 6 year old class gifts.


    What You Need:

    1 Cup of Flour

    1/2 Cup of Salt

    2 tsp cream of tartar

    1 Cup of warm water

    2 tbsp of vegetable oil

    food coloring

    To make:

    Combine DRY ingredients in a pot. (Flour, salt, tartar)

    Combine WET ingredients in a separate bowl. (Water, oil, coloring)

    Pour combined wet ingredients into pot with dry ingredients and stir with a whisk.

    Get out as many lumps as possible.

    Put pot onto the stove at med-high heat and continue stirring.

    Stir with whisk until dough thickens then change to a spoon.

    Cook and stir until dough forms into a ball and pulls away from sides.

    Remove from pot and let cool for a few minutes.

    Store in an air tight container when not playing.

    Enjoy! I will be sure to post pics on the class gifts once they are finished!

    Toni 🙂 

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