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    {DIY} How to Catch a Rainbow

    Want to know how to Catch your own Rainbow? Check out this simple and easy DIY craft that is perfect for everyone and super easy to create with your kids.


    My son wanted to give something special to his teacher last year for her birthday, which happened to fall on St. Patrick’s Day as well. I knew I needed to find something green or Leprechaun related.


    So, I got to work searching Pinterest, Google, and even Facebook for ideas and inspiration, but through all the throngs of lucky green posts and pictures, I just could not find anything that stood out.

    Thankfully, inspiration sometimes comes when you least expect it!


    While up late one night with my sick little boy, I stumbled upon a post on Facebook about a “St. Patrick’s Day in a Jar” on Babble. It was perfect, and I knew that it was exactly what I wanted to make for his teacher.



    St. Patrick's Day Jar Craft


    I headed straight for the store to gather all the materials.


    • Large bag of skittles, regular flavors/colors. 24oz
    • Bag of mini marshmallows
    • Mason jar
    • Gold coins (plastic or chocolate) I used plastic. It gets very hot here and didn’t want them to melt.
    • Ribbon


    It was pretty easy to assemble, but not as easy as they make it look online. Do you ever see all those awesome crafts on Pinterest, try them yourself and not turn out nearly half as awesome? Yeah, that was this. However, after a few tries, I think we got it down and they came out super cute!!


    I even ended up making two jars because I wanted to surprise a friend who is in need of a little lucky rainbow to help brighten their day!


    To catch your rainbow just follow these simple steps:


    • Separate the skittles by color.
    • Place gold coins into the bottle of the jar. I placed some at the bottom and place some along the sides.
    • Layer the skittles by color. I placed purple first then green, yellow, orange, and red.
    • Top with mini marshmallows. Be sure to pack it in so skittles wont move around.
    • Place lid on and secure. Tie ribbon around the neck of the jar.
    • Add a personalized tag make the gift extra special


    Toni 🙂 

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