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    DIY Race Track

    My husband and I built this race track for our boys out of materials we had stored in the garage. It was very simple and took only a few hours, minus the painting time.

    We took a long piece of plywood that we cut into 3 pieces. 2 for sides and one for base.

    A long skinny piece of wood, 1×4, cut in half for the posts.

    Some flat wood molding we did have to purchase at Lowes.

    PVC piping we had left over from another project I made.

    Chopsticks or wooden dowels. We used chopsticks.

    We cut the plywood into 3 pieces, sides are identical and base a little larger. Sizes were just what ever we could get out of the wood. Painted them and let dry.

    Cut the 1×4 in half to sit from floor to just above the top of the plywood. Painted and let dry.

    Using a screw driver attach the base to the side from the top corner to the bottom corner on opposite side to create an incline.

    Attach the 1×4 to the front of the base at the highest point.

    Drilled a round hole in the top of 1×4 about 2in round to fit the pvc piping.

    Cut the piping the length of the entire track to fit across with extra overhang.

    Measure and cut the molding to fit as lanes across the base and glue down using wood glue.

    Drill holes into the piping to fit dowels into to create a start lane.

    Place the PVC piping into the holes and attach the dowels as well.

    Voila! All done.

    To release cars simply turn the piping to allow dowels to raise.



    1. I’ve been looking for a good race track tutorial for a while now. Thanks so much, my girls are going to love this!

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