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    DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

    Thanksgiving has always been a fun holiday for me, because I host the holiday festivities and because it’s a holiday that reminds you of what is really important in life.  I wanted to make a Thanksgiving craft that I can look back at and be reminded of what I was, personally thankful for.  Of course, include the kids in this project and have them share their thoughts of gratitude too.  Start a new tradition!  Every year, add a new thought of gratitude to your wreath.  

    I came across a very easy looking Thanksgiving wreath and thought I’d step outside of my own crafting comfort zone and try to make my own version of one for myself. Since I stopped doing photo scrapbooks, I had a lot of leftover cardstock laying around.   All I really needed to go get was a styrofoam wreath.  So, I took a quick trip to the craft store.


    Add thoughts of gratitude to this easy do it yourself thanksgiving wreath


    DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

    Materials needed (contains affiliate links):
    Styrofoam wreath (a green one works best)
    Straight pins (lots of them)
    Card-stock (reds, yellows, oranges & browns)
    Brown ink pad
    Sponge paint brush (small ones)


    1. Get all your materials (simple enough, right?)
    2. Fold your Card-stock into fourths. I did this by folding it in half and then half again.
    3. Make your leaf template (I made mine out of a cereal box)
    4. Start tracing your leaves onto your paper
    5. Trace your leaf to all the colored pages (you should get 7 leaves to a page (28 per paper))
    6. Crumble up all your leaves. Once you crumble them, it’s time to uncrumple them and start antiquing using your brown ink pad and a sponge brush. I started on the outside and worked my way in and varied them a lot (as no two leaves are the same after all, right?). In my case, my brown ink pad ran out of ink, so I had to improvise.  I lightly dipped a sponge brush into a small cup of water, then took a Crayola brown marker and rubbed it on the sponge brush. Granted it did take a little longer, but it did work.
    7. Start pinning your leaves in any way you’d like all around the front and sides of the wreath.
    8. Once you have covered the wreath, step back and admire your work because you are DONE!

    *NOTES:  You can have your child write their thoughts of gratitude on the leaves before you put them on the wreath.  You can also add to it by simply unpinning a leaf, writing your note, then repin it where you removed it.  Add your thoughts to the wreath every year and make a nice family tradition out of it.  I have mine hanging on my front door and every year, I get so many compliments on it.

    If you make one, I’d love to see how it turns out! 🙂


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