Does your preschooler journal?

Is that possible?  Yes, of course it is and it is so much fun for your child and for you too.  Having your child journal builds a love or writing, drawing, as well as communication.  The journal doesn’t have to be fancy just a plan old spiral will do, have your child draw on the cover and make it his own.  To start off the journal you may have your child draw a picture of his or herself, and  write their name.  If your child doesn’t write yet he can still journal through you.

Have your child draw and you write, this will help in the future if you aren’t sure what the picture was.  Your child will love looking at the pictures and reading what they were thinking at that age.

Some prompts you may use:

  • What did you do today
  • What was your favorite part of the day
  • What is your favorite food
  • Colors are fun if you are working on colors you may have your child write/draw their favorite red item.
  • Letters may also be fun “My favorite A thing”
  • We went for a walk today this is what I saw.
  • Have your child take a tally of red cars, blue cars, or silver cars or pumpkins and scarecrows and see what there were more of.
  • Who I love and who loves me.
  • When I grow up
  • Today we read ” The cat in the hat”  my favorite part was….
  • Don’t forget the Holidays: {Thanksgiving} I’m thankful for..