Donut Day

Well, we have survived our 2nd week of school and to celebrate, we made Sunday our official Donut Day. Just as long as both the boys were good at school and did all their homework, chores, and ate all their dinner all week long.

Blake was up at 6am ready for his donuts, but he knew momma was not about to get up that early on a Sunday. So, he patiently laid down in bed next to me until 8am. 🙂 We went to the nearest donut shop. Since we just moved to the area, I was not sure what type of donuts they would have. But, to our surprise, they had the largest assortment I have ever seen. Donuts with M&Ms, fruity pebbles, candies, actual pieces of a Hershey bar on top! WOW! I think we were all impressed! There was an assortment of rainbow colors and we were all in a Donut haze. The hard part now was choosing which ones we wanted.

I let each boy pick out their own. Braden picked fruity pebbles with chocolate. Of course, Blake had to be just like his big brother and got the same. I couldn’t decide, so I got a few glazed, chocolate, sprinkles, candy, eclairs, and some donut holes. I think we are set!

Now the problem is which to eat first. Plus, I think got too many donuts. Looks like our Donut Day will be extended into tomorrow morning as well. 🙂

Now, two more weeks and we get to celebrate again!!!!