Earth Day 2014

Earth Day is April 22. Check out some great Earth Day Crafts, snacks, and party fun to help celebrate the Earth. Even if you can’t do one of these, celebrate Earth day by planting a tree, using less energy, or going dark (no lights, electricity, power) for an hour. Every little bit helps. 


Earth Day Crafts


Egg Carton Tree {Kid's Earth Day Craft}


Check out this fun Egg Carton Tree




 Get crafty with a Tissue Paper Earth and Poem




Make a snack for the birds with this Paper towel holder bird feeders


Snacks for Earth Day




Create yummy Earth Cookies



Earth Day Worms and Dirt Cup Treat from Creative Green Living at


Everyone loves to play in the dirt. Dirt with worms cups


Celebrate Earth Day


Earth Day party ideas |


Party on a Budget with free printables




Spruce up your party with these Free Printables