Does the Elf Keep the Belief Alive #MerryBlogmas

…or am I just keeping the Elf alive?


There are many things as a parent we don’t like. We don’t like cleaning up after our kids, we don’t like listening to the changing tones as they enter tweenhood, and we certainly don’t like having to move that damn elf every night!  For three years he’s been popping out.  The first year he was fun.  He moved all over the house and did just about all the things you’d see being shared on Pinterest.  He was a rebel.  The second year he toned it down a bit after realizing that it was getting harder for me to move him.  He didn’t get into any mischief but he wasn’t totally boring either.  Now this year, year three, he is boring as boring can be.  He just moves around the house….


Elf on the Shelf


Last night he was sitting in my KitchenAid mixer.  The night before he was looking out the window.  The night before that he was stuck to a picture frame hanging on the wall.  I usually forget to move him before I go to bed, so I have to hurry and make sure that I am up before her in the morning!  My husband had to back me up a couple times already.  Just think…only 12 more days of moving this thing and then he can be retired for the year.


Now, my youngest daughter is 10.  She still believes in Santa.  She does however question if the Elf is real.  She thinks I move him!  Imagine that?  Me?  I tell her that I am too tired to move that thing and she’s just like, “yeah right mom, you move him”.  I argue that it isn’t me.  WHY?  If she is catching on, I should just blurt it out and tell her that “yes, yes it was me the whole time”!  But I can’t.  She’s so stinkin cute that I think it would kill me more than her to know that it isn’t real.  I mean, after watching Elf again {twice this season}, she told me two things…


1. Santa is real

2. Her eyes are blurry


So right there, she’s telling me that hey, Santa is real so don’t you dare spoil that spirit and two, that she is either really on a kick to get real glasses or she really does need real glasses.  So when I look at that picture and the sleeping girl on my couch, it is with not-so great pleasure that I must move that damn elf another night!

Do you enjoy the Elf, or are you like me and can’t wait until he goes back in his box until next year?


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