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    Essentials of a Good Baby Monitor

    Baby monitor is a baby alarm, which has a transmitter with a microphone attached to it usually kept in the baby’s room. The sounds and signals are transmitted on the receiver which is with the parent. It gives the parent the much required mobility to work or sleep and still be close to the baby.

    Availability Of Different Baby Monitors.

    A lot of research has been made and different types of baby monitors are available in the market. Parents choose these monitors depending on their preferences. Mainly there are three types of them readily available.

    Audio Monitors.

    As the name suggests they display the sounds of the baby on the receiver which is with parent or the nanny. There are one way or two way baby monitors which allows the parent to calm the baby and put it off to sleep. This is beneficial if the baby sleeps in a separate room.

    Video Baby Monitors.

    Video baby monitors are fitted with a camera along with the transmitter and is in the baby’s room. The parent can view the pictures and hear the sound on the TV or LCD. It also has a facility of night vision whereby sharp pictures of the baby can seen at night. This monitor uses the infra red light technique. It is also possible to connect these monitors to the computers with an internet connection.

    Sensor Baby Monitors.

    It has a sensor pad which is placed under the baby mattresses or pillow. It gives an alarm if it fails to register the movement of the baby or its breathing for more than twenty seconds.

    How to choose a right baby Monitor ?


    With variety of monitors available in the market it becomes difficult to select the best one for your baby. This can be simplified by keeping in mind some of these points.

    1. Select a baby monitor with two or more receivers and place it at different locations.

    2. Baby monitors also come with the option where in the transmitter is plugged in and uses electric power, whereas the receiver uses the batteries and gives flexibility to the user.

    3. Always look for a monitor that has a clear reception and a small amount of interference, if at all. This allows you to hear or see all the activities of your child clearly.

    4. A low battery indicator on the parents unit is a huge plus point because it monitors the battery life without having to actually check it. This is an important requirement while selecting one because something could go wrong if the battery life has expired.

    5. Make sure you select the correct range for the home keeping in mind the specifications of your house.

    Parents select the best baby monitors keeping these advantages in mind. However a one way monitor is useful when the baby is to be monitored from one particular location. However if there is a risk of the baby falling from its crib or cot, parents may opt for the advanced version of the baby monitor.

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