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    Family – How We Stay Connected.

    What does that mean to you? Honestly, there are so many ways I could describe what family means to me and what my family is truly like. To me, it means to love. It also means patience. And, my family, well, it’s a little crazy.

    Family - How We Stay Connected

    I remember when my daughter was younger she brought her friend over after school. I was making dinner and when it was ready I called her down. We eat dinner together, as a family so it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. For us that is. When her friend saw us all sitting at the table she simply replied, “Oh isn’t that cute, you guys eat together”. I replied, “Don’t you and your family eat together?” and she just stated that they didn’t. They ate dinner separately, mostly in their own rooms. From that moment on, I knew that what I had built with all my years as a stay at home mom, was a family.

    My Crazy Family

    My crazy family means more to me than anything else in this world. We are loud, we are obnoxious, we cuss, we laugh but most of all, we like each other. In order to actually love people, you have to like them. I like these people a lot!

    When we gather around the kitchen table every night, it’s a chance to reconnect from the day and even the previous day. We have the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics from current fashion trends to varying political topics. It can be very light-hearted or it could be really intense. The best part of our nightly dinners is simply being together.

    With three older kids, there is always someone coming or going. Yet somehow through our nightly dinners and social media (yep, Snapchat is one of our favorites), we can communicate, laugh, share, and most of all, respect each other not only as a family but as humans.

    How do you stay connected with your loved ones?

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