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    When we were asked to check out PlusMotif’s iPad case I knew I would like it. What I didn’t know is how much our Tween department 😉 would LOVE it!! Many school districts are embracing the BYOT {Bring Your Own Technology} days, which helps teachers instruct using technology and a special app loaded to the device. Tweens are excited to bring their devices, which are only to be used during certain hours of the school day, nonetheless they’re still excited.
    20130326-004840.jpgTweens want to show their style and that is why PlusMotif makes the best Tween accessory! Tweens can safely tuck their iPad, Kindle, or Android Tablet in their interchangeable PlusMotif case and when they want to change things up they can add a new snap on piece, which gives the case a new look without the new case price. The snap on Motifs vary in cost depending on the device… but are no more than $5.99! Inside the PlusMotif case is a place to hold pen and paper too.

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