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    Featured Holiday Product: Board Book Albums

    Were you wondering what to get you sister or friend, who just had a baby?  Okay besides a nice relaxing day.. how about Memories?  You cannot go wrong with sharing memories ever, especially if they are memories of the pride and joy of the recipient.  In comes Board  Book Albums these albums are not like your traditional album they are not flimsy and the pictures cannot be twisted. With these board books you have a chance to personalize too.

    Why is the album hard?  It’s baby proof!  Sure the gift intended for Mom and Dad but ABC Board books knows baby will get his hands on it.  I personally know what happens when babies get a hold of photo albums.

    However I also know babies love to see themselves and the people they love.  Looking at albums is actually a learning experience for babies,  the Center for Early Literacy suggests looking at photo albums with your baby.  What is better than having your baby sit in your lap and look at pictures and laugh… while you hold back tears?

    Board Book Albums have a variety of albums that would be great for any occasion.  These board books make a perfect scrapbook, children will enjoy personalizing their memories.


    You can purchase your Board Book Album here as well as you can click here to get ideas of how to personalize.

    “A book is a gift you can open again and again.”-Garrison Keillor

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