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    Feng Shui Your Desk… I did! :)

    Feng Shui your desk, I did and I love it!


    Although the rest of my office looks like poop, the tops of my desk is kick butt right now.  I had done a lot of research on Feng Shui and I have been trying to apply it’s practices through out my home.  I decided to start with my desk since it is the place I spend the most amount of time.  I created my own “floating” desk and it’s an “L” shaped desk which I never really knew how to organize it.


    Feng Shui Your Desk


    Upon my research, I discovered that you should place flowers to the left of you.  They can be real {I’d prefer real, but this is what I had on hand} or they can be fake, but just to have something that makes you happy would suffice.  I also found a quote that I liked and printed it out and placed it on my framed corkboard  {yes, that is a 100,000.00 bill…it’s fake, so don’t get all antsy – it’s part of my manifestation process}.  I have my oil vase, sage and crystal ball {that you can’t see} there too.  All those little bits help me to relax.  When I am having a moment of self-doubt, which happens often, I look to my left and I am reminded that thoughts become actions and what you think, you become and I instantly have a new mindset.  I actually took the items from various rooms in my house.  I figured since I’m here 24/7 why not see the things that bring me joy more frequently.


    Feng Shui with personal photos


    Then to the right, I have a photo of my kids {that you can’t see but it’s there next to the vase with flowers}, a small vase that my youngest daughter bought for me for Mothers Day with her own money {she was very proud} and then I have my decorative boxes that I store positive quotes in one and random office supplies and candles.  On top of those I have a photo frame that I received for my birthday and I put a “Stay Positive” photo in it to remind me of just that…that this too shall pass and I need to remain positive.  Then I have a note pad and my oil scent burner with another quote above that.  The quote reads, “Proceed as if Success is Inevitable” and that helps to remind me that I have no other option but to be successful.


    Feng Shui for positive work flow


    And the last spot on my office desk tour is actually another shelf above the one “L” side that I love.  It has a mug that I was able to review {LOVE this mug!!!}, a positive note jar that my daughter made for me {so that when ever I am feeling down all I have to do is pull out one of the pieces of papers and read the note she left for me}, then I have a few books I am reading, my journal, oracle cards, crystals and candles.  It’s one of my most favorite spots to look at. For some reason it just makes me have this great sense of calmness when I glance at it.


    These three spots combined {along with a clean as a baby’s butt desktop} make me more organized to work.  By placing the items where I have them, it is said to create a successful work flow.  And I’ll tell ya, the clarity I have when I sit down in the morning is amazing.  I never thought that it could happen but I think I actually “found” what works for keeping my desk clean and organized.  All these little things are pieces of me and pieces that bring joy to my heart.  The help to keep me centered and focused and with that, this Feng Shui project has begun!  I even started making a to-do list before I leave my office and I leave it on my desk so it’s the first thing I see in the morning!


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