Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. Final

I continue my love affair with Mr. Grey and I am totally smitten. He stole my heart. Geez, I hope my husband doesn’t mind?!?! It took me just 3 days to read Fifty Shades Freed. During which dishes piled up, laundry was everywhere, and the TV babysat my children. I neglected my husband, my chores, my job, and my family. But, was so worth it.

I longed to be the one sunbathing on the chair in the south of France with my super good looking super rich husband. Plus, I now have the urge to buy an Audi or two. I was intrigued, surprised, excited, saddened, happy, mad, and thrilled all throughout the book. I cried, actually cried, not a single tear sliding gently down my cheek, massive full blown sobbing as if I was there with them experiencing everything with them as if this was happening to me and not some fictional characters in a book. I had to get a hold of myself. It’s a book for goodness sake. But, it has captured my heart. I am invested in this to the end. How can a book hold so much power over me? Once I finished the book, I found myself going back and reading specific pages and significant points in the book, making sure I didn’t miss a thing. I find myself getting emotional all over again, almost like watching an emotional movie but in my mind instead of on a screen. I saved the epilogue to read after my children take a nap. I figured after 3 days, I should show them some attention after all. But, it was torture to have that book sit in front on my on the table as we played Candy Land fifteen times. I found myself counting down the minutes to naptime and once the 12 o’clock “bell” rang, I scurried them off to bed as fast as I could. I could not wait a second longer to find out what the future held for my favorite couple.

The epilogue placed the two in the future only 2 years ahead. Actually one day shy of 2 years. I was kind of glad it was not so far ahead and pretty happy with the way it was concluded. However, I was left feeling a bit cheated. I closed the book and still had a longing for more. Wanting to know what happened to Ethan and Mia, did they ever get together? What about Kate and Elliot? Whatever came about with Jack and Elizabeth? Did Christian get his $5 million back?  I know strange questions, but they were not satisfied for me. I still had so many things I wanted answered. I didn’t want them to go, not yet.


There is a movie in the works! YAY! I can hardly wait. Plus, rumor for more books in the series. I really hope so. I would love to continue on with them in their lives.

So, as I sit and re kindle my love for Christian and Ana and their torrid affair, I think and wonder why I was so hesitant to pick up and start reading these books in the first place. Was it the fear of the unknown, the “mommy porn” aspect? However, I cannot imagine not having read them. I skim back through 2 specific points of the third book, parts that really make my heart swoon, and without giving anything away, I think what draws me in is the love they have for each other. The love they share and show towards each other. The pure, intense, unconditional love that gives me that feeling of “wow”. The love that evolves towards the end is what I think we all strive for and what compels us to this book. At least for me is has.