Firecracker Craft Night

A while back I posted about some super cute firecracker blocks for the 4th of July, click here for post. I thought they were fab and super cute. So, I just had to try it out myself.

So, last night I gathered some good friends so we could all try it out together!!!

We all had a blast and everyone did a fantastic job. Not only did we make the firecracker blocks, but we also made Patriotic Blocks as well!


For all the materials it was pretty simple. I actually had all the materials on hand for the firecracker blocks. The co-host of the party provided the blocks for the other project. My husband cut and sanded and drilled the holes for me and I painted them. But, all our crafters decorated them!

 For the America Patriotic Blocks, 1×1 wood posts were cut to 4, 5, and 6in in size. Sanded and painted. As well as distressed. I cut out the letters in a red and white vinyl. Each person applied their own letters. Can be painted, drawn, or stenciled on as well. I hot glued my blocks together, just a dab of glue. Stacked and then wrapped with ribbon. 🙂