#FireFly’s Hello Kitty’s in the house!

If there is one thing this family knows, it’s how important Hello Kitty really is.  I don’t care if she is not a cat, she is a friend…or what ever the case was with “who” the real Hello Kitty is, all I know is she is CUTE and she has been around FOREVER!  I remember when I was younger having all this Hello Kitty stuff, pencils, little stamp sets, little notebooks (and by little, I mean, little), erasers, you name it.  I remember going to this one store at our local mall and it was the only store in the area that sold Hello Kitty merchandise.  I had to be in middle school at this time and all of us kids just thought she was the COOLEST kitty ever!  Everything I liked was “mini”!  The tinier the better!  I can’t believe Hello Kitty is celebrating her 40th Anniversary!  Am I really that old?

Now days you can find Hello Kitty everywhere.  There are Hello Kitty t-shirts, spiral notebooks, bedroom decor, bathroom towels, beach towels, you name it!  There is toothbrushes and fluoride rinse too!  We just happen to get some FireFly products to test out and let me just say it now….awwwwwwww, isn’t she the cutest?

Firefly Hello Kitty Toothbrush and Fluoride Rinse


Gianna couldn’t wait to brush her teeth…and this is coming from a kid who is not normally keen on “girly” things, but when it comes to her “Hallla” Kitty testing, she is right there with bells on.  I mean, I couldn’t even get her to go to the bathroom, she opened it up right away, did her fluoride rinse and brushed her teeth using my kitchen sink!  Then, I have no idea why she keeps calling her “Halllllllla” Kitty, but she’s called her that since she was little so I guess she just can’t catch on that it’s “HELLO” Kitty, lol.  Every time my oldest daughter corrects her, she says, “no, it’s Hallllllla Kitty” and refuses to call her anything other than that.  Goofball, I think she’s just doing it now because she thinks it’s become a game for us to see if we can get her to call her by her real name!  Stinker!

Gianna using Hello Kitty Products by Firefly


The FireFly Hello Kitty Fluoride Rinse is sugar-free and alcohol-free and has a nice little pump that pumps the right amount out into the little cup that it also comes with.  It also has a little spot for you to keep said little cup!  It’s really nice to have that little cup with the rinse as it makes it so much easier for her to use.  It comes in Melon Kiss flavor that she finds very appealing since she is not a huge minty mint girl either.  With the FireFly Hello Kitty Ready Go Brush toothbrush, what’s nice is that it is timed so that kids know exactly when it’s “Ok” to stop brushing.  It’s the perfect toothbrush and I swear, they should make them in adult sizes too!


Who was your favorite character growing up?  Do you find that you can spot more products now than before or vice