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    FotoJet browser based photo editing app for the win!

    I was given the fun opportunity to test out the newest online (disclosure, I did receive a test account in order to facilitate this review) – photo collage, photo editing and graphic design browser-based app from FotoJet.com Right now it is giving all the other photo editing applications that I use a run for their money. This experience has been by far the easiest to learn, navigate, and the options (both standard & upgraded) are endless! It has opened a whole new editing world for me. Fotojet.com set me up with an account so I can play around with the different features of this photo tool.

    FotoJet Featured Image


    The first thing I noticed when I logged in what how easy it was to navigate.  That is a huge factor for me because I don’t like spending an extreme amount of time when it comes to editing photos.  Primarily because I have so many that I edit I want to make it as quick of a process as possible.  Unlike some of the other browser-editing apps, FotoJet gives you the opportunity to edit the fonts with effects by adding outlines and glowing filters.  You can adjust the size, width, strength, opacity,  and it can be layered, and so on.  If you enter the edit mode (using javascript)  you can edit your images with different effects, add text, clipart, overlays, and frames.  In the image below, I have added text, an overlay, and frame.

    Photo Editing

    Photo Editing from FotoJet.com


    I need to do a lot of photo editing for my social media platforms so having preset sizes are essential.  I have taken some snapshots of what different tools are available from FotoJet.

    In this image, I am adding text to the clipart that I previously added.  You see you have different “pre-set” sizes and styles that you can choose from.  FotoJet makes it easy to edit your text size, color, and effects.



    Here I am adding some clipart to my image.  You can see I added a star and changed the color using my own hex code.  There are so many different clipart options to chose from.  It really makes editing and designing your images a lot more fun.



    Photo Design Made Easy

    Let’s say you want to add a stock photo.   Fotojet provides you with over 500,000 options.  What I like best here is that you can search for photos based on your image keyword.  Below I searched for “Love” and it resulted in many different designs and styles relating to that word.


    You can also search for different templates based on what you are working on.  What I like is that I don’t have to scroll looking through a thousand photos to find what suits my theme.  All you have to do is click on the image style you’re looking for (in this case it was Facebook Post template) and then search for the image theme you need.  You can see the dropdown menu that there are many different options here like, food, lifestyle, people, fashion, music, and on.


    For a small annual charge, you have so many photo editing, photo design, and graphic design options that it will simply blow you away.  I am hooked and I will be using the FotoJet browser app moving forward!  Here is one of the images that I created using FotoJet’s theme, template and style options for a site that I started with a very good friend of mine, Living A Positive Lifestyle.


    I am told that FotoJet has plans to develop a mobile app version in the near future!  I can’t wait to see that one (because I’m kind of addicted to mobile photo apps!)

    And lastly….here is a Pinterest image that you can pin for yourself! 🙂


    FotoJet Browser Photo Editing Application


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