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    Fun with Spot

    Growing up, I loved to read books. One of my favorites was the Spot books by Eric Hill. I loved that little puppy and the lift-the-flap surprises. My very first Spot book was “Where’s Spot?. I loved to look through the book to find where he was hiding. But, this was in the 80’s. Now, my son who is 3, loves books and loves puppies. What a great combo! So, I of course had to pull out my original Spot books for him and he fell in love! “Spot goes to the beach” is his favorite. He loves to find out what kind of trouble and adventure Spot gets into. So, I set out on a hunt, online, to find him his very own collection. Luckily, Spot was celebrating 30 years. Really? 30 years? I found a ton of books and got them all for him.

    While searching for the books, I came across this website, Fun With Spot. This is a wonderful place for your little Spot fan. You can find all about new and exciting things going on with Spot and latest news. A store to purchase great Spot gear. You can create your own Spot story. How exciting right? An entire section just for parents and teachers. A place to download, print, and color Spot and his friends. And of course an interactive place to play games and have fun.

    There is also an app for your iPad! That is a huge favorite of my little one.

    If you are not familiar with Spot, check it out. They are great books for toddlers and young children. Even after 30 years, I still enjoy reading Spot, of course now, I have an audience to read to. 🙂




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