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    How do you get into the Holiday spirit?

    How do you get into the holiday spirit when sometimes you just aren’t feeling it?  It’s that time of year.  Thanksgiving is over and it was a quick transition into the craziness of the holiday season.  So, how do you make that festive switch?  I took to the streets to ask a few kids what gets them into the holiday spirit.  Ok, well not really the streets, I just walked into my family room and asked my own three kids what makes them feel all festive and cozy inside and these are the responses I received….

    Finding Your Holiday Spirit


    From my super sweet and endearing twelve-year-old daughter, I asked, “What makes you get into the holiday spirit, you know, what puts you in the mood for Christmas?” to which she replied, “I don’t”.   You don’t get into the spirit of the holidays?  That was an outright lie.  Who is she trying to fool?  So again, I asked, “No, really, what gets you excited for the holiday?”.  Then, I received this answer: “Hi, My name is Gianna and what gets me in the Christmas mood is smelling pumpkin spice candles, being in the dark with Christmas lights on and eating cookies.”  WHO is this child?  Clearly, she googled that answer because, 1.  I don’t burn pumpkin spice candles and 2. I have never seen her sitting in a Christmas lit room eating cookies.  Her answer is null in void.

    On to the second child.  My son.  Ahhhh, my fifteen-year-old son.  When I asked him the same question as the first child he promptly replied with a smile on his face, “To help me get in the holiday mood, I like to watch Elf, listen to holiday music, bake Christmas cookies and of course, you have to have a fire.”.  He said everything right.  He is the golden child.  He wins.  It’s like he read my mind.  That is exactly what I would have said……..hey, wait a minute!  Did he say all those things because he knew that was what I would have answered?  Was he using reverse psychology to win ME over?  Nah….he’s just really that sensitive and knows what it takes to let the holiday spirit shine through.

    Then there was my oldest.  My legal adult daughter.  I think her and the little one were in cahoots because her reply was ironically exactly the same.  Although, with her answer being, “I don’t”, I do believe she was telling the truth.  She is not one for holiday music, in fact, she hates it.  She is not one for watching Elf….unless it’s after December 1st.  AND, she rarely helps baking cookies, but she will eat them.  

    Out of three kids, two were completely useless with this poll.  

    So, I am going to go out on a limb and say this; sometimes it’s best to just jump into the holidays full-steam ahead while listening to all the happy and upbeat holiday music you can find.  If you don’t feel like baking your own cookies, run to the grocery store!  They have a bakery there filled with lots of holiday goodies.  You also can’t go wrong with a good, holiday classic movie, a fire, blanket and a big ole bowl of buttery popcorn (or peppermint ice-cream…oh heaven).  Sit back, don’t stress over the things you can’t physically change and just enjoy the next month because it will be over before you know it.

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    If you would like to link up your holiday posts, please feel free to do so below.  My only request is that you keep it holiday themed and it would be super nice if you visited some of the other links and share or leave a comment! 🙂


    Thanks for reading!
    Thanks for reading!



    1. I just laughed so hard when I read, “smelling pumpkin spice candles, being in the dark with Christmas lights on and eating cookies.”…I love the google-ness of that answer because it’s like all the things you need for a classic holiday!

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