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    Get Ready for School With Mead FiveStar

    It’s time to get ready for school everyone!  Every year we have to go shopping for school supplies.  It’s a task most parents hate to love.  When the kids were younger I could get away with buying store brand and generic supplies but as soon as they all started middle school we started purchasing products made by Mead Five Star.   Yes, the kids liked it because they were the “cool” products to have and I liked it because of the products durability.  I couldn’t just buy 6 folders and 6 spiral notebooks, the folders had to match the notebooks or we would have serious issues.  They didn’t like the 5 subject notebooks, they needed the 1 subject notebooks so that the folders matched and they would get 6 different colors; one for each class.  


    Get Ready for School with Mead FiveStar Matching Folder & Spiral Notebook


    Mead Five Star doesn’t just have spiral notebooks and matching folders, there is a wide variety of quality products perfect for any school-aged child (or adult).  They are by far my favorite brand for school supplies.  When I purchase Mead Five Star products I know they will last the entire school year.  I have been purchasing Mead Five Star products for 9 years now.  I have a college Sophomore who started it all off when she entered 6th grade.  That was followed by my son, who is now a Sophomore in High School and my 8th-grade daughter.  Mead Five Star has been a part of my life for almost a decade!

    Mead Five Star Giveaway


    Get Ready for School with this Giveaway!

    Since I had already been a huge supporter and customer of Mead Five Star products, it only seems natural to partner with the brand for this awesome back to school giveaway!  The giveaway prize would consist of the following products (though they may differ in style or color).  In order to facilitate this post & giveaway, I was sent the above products.  I absolutely LOVE the zippered binder but I’m a secret spiral notebook hoarder!  My college daughter loves the backpack.  This backpack is awesome because it’s expandable and she can fit her laptop in it but most of all because it doesn’t weigh her down like most backpacks.  The shoulder support is key here!  I’m so excited to share this giveaway with you!

    • Expandable Backpack
    • High Capacity Zipper Binder
    • 100 sheet College Ruled Notebook x2 
    • 1″ Hybrid Notebinder – 200 sheet capacity x2
    • 3 Tabbed Pocket Dividers for notebook & binder
    • Storage & Organization Pocket for notebook & binder
    • Add-A-Folder for notebook & binder
    • 5 Tabs Peel-N-Stick Write-On Tabs
    • 3 Tabbed Snap-In Bookmark Dividers for notebook & binder

    This giveaway is easy to enter using Rafflecopter.   One winner will be selected at random.  Once the winner has been notified they have 24 hours to respond back with their shipping information.  Should they not respond within that time period a second winner will be selected and so on.  Again, you will receive the items listed above though the style and color may be altered based on availability.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway




    1. I think my all time favorite school supply is the 64 pk. of Crayolas with the sharpener on back. Every year I would only get the 24 pk. Money was tight growing up. I was always so jealous of the kids with the 64.

    2. When I was a kid, it was a trapper keeper. Those things were awesome! Now it would be a good fine pen. I like fine line!

    3. I used to always buy Five Star notebooks in high school and college! My TI83 graphing calculator was definitely a cool school supply item.

    4. What a great back to school giveaway! Mead is my favorite brands for back to school. I’ve even used them when I was a kid.

    5. School supplies are so much fun to buy! I love this giveway! If I won, I would donate the whole thing to a local school for someone who doesn’t have the money to purchase them.

    6. Wow! That’s awesome. I love that there are so many stuff included in the giveaway. I’m sure any kid would be excited to get that and any parent would be happy to save on the supplies!

    7. We don’t have to get supplies yet, we are just starting Pre-K and we have a supply fee we pay. I have to admit though I am excited for the day we get to go supply shopping.

    8. I remember using Mead Fivestar when I was in school and now I buy it for my kids. I love that they stand up for all school year!

    9. FiveStar products are the best and last all year long! I always nudge my daughter to select the FiveStar items when she is shopping for back to school items.

    10. We love mead fivestar. I remember when I was a kid the fivestar binders were the in thing. Now all my kids have them too, we love them and they last forever!

    11. I have used their school supplies since I was a little girl. It’s fun because now I get to pick them up for my own kids!

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