Saturday, September 23, 2023
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    Getting ready for 1st Grade

    With 3 weeks left of summer break, we are slowly working our way back into our school routine. All our uniforms have been purchased and all our supplies have been shopped for. I am so glad he has to wear uniforms. Shopping for clothes is so much easier. Red, white, navy blue, and yellow polo tops only with khaki and blue pants. 🙂 We have completed our Ready Made for 1st Grade Summer work and read many books this summer. He is so ready to head back to school to see all his friends.

    The biggest change is that my littlest guy will be in Pre-K. He has grown up so fast and I am just not ready to let him go. So, we decided against him returning to his preschool for his final year. Instead, I will be home schooling him for Pre-K. I just need this time with him. He has his whole life in school to be away from me.

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