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    Gilmore Girls – Modern Day Version

    Modern Day Gilmore Girls

    Modern Day Gilmore Girls


    Who knew that the Gilmore Girls would be a great way to stay connected to my teenage daughter?  I never watched the Gilmore Girls when it was on and now I’m wondering WHY!!!!  It is such a great show and now that I have a teen who is thinking about college and starting to prepare for the next phase of her life, it tugs at my heartstrings!


    So far we are up to season 5 and we had to stop at episode 15 last week because we were going to have a complete and total Gilmore Girl fest with one of my daughters girl friends during the past three day weekend.  To my sadness, our TV in our family room crapped out and broke {NOT perfect timing}, and we had to resort to spending the day in my bedroom.  My husband thought it was weird that us three girls would lay on our bed and just watch TV.  I had to explain to him that my friends and I did that with my mom back in the day.  I would come home with my BFF from a party and sit on my moms bed and just talk and watch different things she had recorded on the VCR!  It was a very unique experience.  My house was very comforting and my friends loved visiting and talking to my mom.  So today when the three of us were upstairs watching TV, it made me think of the good old days and it made me smile.


    We didn’t get to spend all day watching Gilmore Girls, but we watched 4 episodes and in between each one we would chat a little, laugh a little and eat a little.  It was so refreshing and I love that my daughters friend/s love and admire my relationship with my daughter as well as them.  They all feel comfortable with themselves at my home and I think they know that if they needed anything, I’d be there to help in any way I could.  It does make me feel badly though that a majority of them do not have that open relationship with their moms.  So watching a show with my daughter and her friend, such as the Gilmore Girls where the mother/daughter relationship combined with a close friendship takes center stage, touched my heart.  As a mom, I couldn’t be more proud of my daughter.  I am my daughter’s Lorelai and she is my Rory.  Surprisingly enough, we have a very similar relationship which is why I think we have had such a great bonding experience with watching it.  It’s like watching our very own lives unfold on the screen, only I’m not a single parent and she is not an only child.  


    Has there ever been a TV show or movie that just reminded you so deeply of your youth or the relationship that you have with your mom, or parents?






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