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    Giveaway #11 Kael&Kaed Designs

    Hey readers with little ones!  This giveaway is just for you!  I remember a long time ago when my oldest was a couple years old an incident that ended up with a very good ending.  You know what happens when kids discover their favorite toy and they have this need to lug it around every where they go.  My daughter had this cozzy little puppy that had to go to the mall with us.  Well as you can imagine, we lost it.  She cried, I almost cried, we walked back and forth, retracing our steps looking for the lost little puppy dog.  Imagine my surprise (as well as hers) when we found him sitting on top of a table filled with other store items.  He was just sitting there, as if he was waiting for us the whole time.  Needless to say, it was stressful.  Which brings me to Kael&Kaed Designs.  They have this one product that I wish I would have had that particular day!  The sophie/toy/sippy leash! We could have just slipped this on the puppy and he would have been safe with my little girl throughout our mall shopping day!

    sophie/toy/sippy leash
    No more dropping Sophie, your snack-trap or your Klean Kanteen on the dirty ground/floor again! Attach the Kael&Kaed Sippy/Toy leash to the stroller/swing/shopping cart/highchair/carseat etc.This strap fits most sippy cups, bottles and small toys. It features a couple different Kam Snap sizing options to allow the best fit possible.Available in 100% cotton or 100% organic cotton designer prints.  They don’t only have toy/sippie leashes, they also carry paci clips and pant savers!  Check them out!

    paci clip
    Clip your pacifier to your babies shirt and dont loose another paci ever again!! Available in 100% cotton or 100% organic cotton designer prints.

    pant savers
    Are your childs pants too big on the waist? belts way too much of a hassle (especially for toilet training toddlers)?….no more saggy bum with kael&kaed’s no more sag pant savers!! keep your childs pants from falling off!! Available in black, white or natural with variety of color options for snaps!

    Kael&Kaed Designs is offering to giveaway one of each of the products listed above to a single winner!  That means, everything will stay put! Paci’s, toys or sippie cups and most importantly your little one’s pants! The winner will gets their pick of 100% cotton prints and snap colors.  Retail value of prize pack, $20.00. Giveaway will start 12-21-2010 and will end at 5PM CST on 12-27-2010.

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