Giveaway: The Mystery of the Silver Statue


The Mystery of the Silver Statue by Raymond C. Perkins Jr. adds mystery to history when two young super sleuths, Jimmy and B.T., crack a code to help them in the search for long lost treasures.  Along the way they meet danger and suspense, which keeps the 9-12 year old readers turning the pages.  It is the first in a series of “history-mysteries” that is sure to be enjoyed by moms, dads and kids.

The book is based on true historical events and provides readers with a wonderful mystery surrounding Rogers’ Rangers during the French and Indian War.  The boys have the keys to uncover what happened to the said to be stolen, silver statue.  They are faced with modern-day struggles and learn more about themselves and each other during their hunt for the historical treasure.

Ray Perkins, Author of “The Mystery of the Silver Statue” and soon to be released, “The Mystery of the Brick Kingdom” is seen with granddaughter, Kaelani. For more information, please visit

Giveaway has ended! Winner was Marilyn from VA.