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    Disclosure:  I have received the product shown for free to facilitate this review.  All thoughts & opinions are my own.

    I have often wondered what it would be like to order my glasses online instead of actually physically walking into a storefront.  I was given the opportunity to test out some glasses from and wanted to share that experience with you.  Not being able to physically try them on, I was skeptical.  One of the things I love about going eyeglass shopping is trying them on and seeing what works or doesn’t.  With purchasing glasses online, it lends a little mystery on whether or not you will like them when you actually receive them.  

    Ordering is very easy to do.  All you need to have is your RX and PD {pupillary distance} if you need prescription lenses.  What that means is, you have to have an eye exam and you need to obtain that information from your eye care specialist.  When I go to my eye doctor, they do offer the service of purchasing one of their select glasses but that usually means they are upwards of $300+ when you factor in your frames and your lenses and all those extras in between.  That’s an insane amount of money that insurance may or may not cover!

    That said, welcome to!  Simply visit their website, find a pair of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses and place the ones you like into your shopping cart.  You can go back then to try one the ones that you think you’ll like by uploading a clear, straight-on photo of your face.  If you notice in the photo below, you can adjust the glasses to fit your face.  However, if your photo isn’t straight-on you may not get the full-effect so keep that in mind when selecting your photo.

    Trying on online glasses

    After searching for my glasses and trying on many, many different styles, colors and sizes, I found a pair that I thought would be perfect for me.  What I liked was that they were completely different than my “normal” type of glasses.  I also liked them because they had a magnetic sunglass lens that attached right to the frame.  I like prescription sunglasses but sometimes, I don’t always have them with me, so this was a nice alternative.  All that was left was for me to wait and see what they look like when they arrive.  When they did arrive, I was more than pleased!  I received my eyeglasses, a hard case, cleaning cloth and my magnetic sunglasses.

    Eyeglasses from 

    I was eager to try them on and test them out!  They are much lighter in weight than I expected.  It took a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the new size of the frame’s lenses.  The glasses themselves were larger than I normally wear so that took some getting used to.  After wearing them for a short time, I really really liked them.  I have a few pairs of glasses *a girl has to have options, even in eyewear*, but these are my newest go-to glasses.  

    I really like the style, the color, the fit, and the weight.  With having really bad vision and I can feel that weight of my glasses on the bridge of my nose.  With these eyeglasses, however, I do not.  The quality for the price is amazing.  After wearing them for some time now, they have held up to me *accidentally* falling asleep with them on, taking them on and off a million times because I can’t read with them on (due to my aging eyes) and just normal wear and tear.  I LOVE, love love the sunglasses!  I always have them with me in the case in my purse so I am never without a pair of sunglasses now!  

    Eyeglasses with style & flair! glasses provide style and quality

    I will be making additional purchases from because they proved that they offer style-conscious and on trend products.  Their products have proved to me to be quality products.  The price of their eyewear is extremely affordable – affordable enough for me to order a couple of pairs!  

    If you’re curious about making eyeglasses or sunglass purchases online, has offered my readers a special coupon code GSHOT50.  This code offers you 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses.  Please note that sale frames are excluded from this offer.  Have fun shopping!  I know you’ll be happy you did!





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