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Got Hot Flashes? Get a Cooling Blanket!


As I am aging and reaching that later in life female stage…ugh, I tend to get a lot of hot flashes. I’m always asking if it’s hot in here or if it’s just me. Usually, I get, “It’s just you”, from all those in the room. It kills me! My body feels like it’s on fire from the inside out. I am always turning the air conditioning down to subfreezing temperatures and every time my husband walks past the thermostat he bumps it back up. I’ve told him it’s easier to put on a hoodie or blanket than for me to shed my skin. He better learn to deal with this for a while or I might have to find a new room to sleep in, or he might if we don’t find a solution.

Enter my solution! I found this TikTok with a woman excitedly talking about this Costco $20 cooling blanket. As soon as I saw it I ran to my Costco only to leave the warehouse disappointed and with $200 less in my bank account. They didn’t have a cooling blanket but I bought so much more than I needed at the time. Costco is like Target. You go in for one thing and come out with 100. I thought I’d check on Amazon when I got home. Good thing for me because it was Amazon Prime day! Woohoo!!!

My Featured Solution!

I found this Twin size (60″x90″) light blue (ocean printed) cooling blanket by Ailemei. It was a special price (less than $20) at the time so I figured this was a little bigger than the Costco one, so I got it! I couldn’t wait for it to arrive to check it out. The reviews were pretty good with 4.6 stars and 1659 reviews. I thought if I didn’t like it, I’d return it.

When it was delivered, I literally ran to the door and saw that it was in a pretty small box but wasn’t sure what I was really expecting. I opened the package and I immediately felt that it was cool to the touch. I threw it around my neck like a cape and when I say I could feel just the coldness coming off the blanket, I felt it. It felt so nice. I laid down on the couch and put it over me (and I had my clothes on), I could feel the cooling nature of it all over my body. I am so glad I got the twin size because it fits perfectly just for me. It is fairly thin but it’s soft and silky to the touch.

It was literally heaven!

Ocean Pattern Cooling Blanket

I carried the blanket around with me and threw it on everyone in the family. They thought I had lost my mind! But I just wanted them to see how cold it was when it touched them. All of them agreed that it was cold LOL. However, they apparently didn’t appreciate it as much as I did, so poop on them. When my girls get to that age, they’ll remember that I threw this cold blanket on them and they might have a whole different appreciation for it.

It was the coolest cooling blanket I have ever come in contact with. Now all my hot and sweaty nights are a lot cooler! As a “middle-aged woman” who is going through things, this blanket has been nothing but a lifesaver! I am so glad I found it and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is a hot or sweaty sleeper!

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