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    We Gotta Bingo! {review #ad}

    We Gotta Bingo

    An Interactive Dinner Theater



    We Gotta Bingo at Chicago Theater Works in Chicago has a very interesting take on the world of Bingo.  Let me just start out saying that our trip into the city was rather interactively hilarious on its own.  We were about 30 minutes late because we were stuck in the wonderful traffic that exists heading into the downtown area from the burbs.  We zigged and zagged through the city and side streets trying to find somewhere to park.  We had no idea where to even begin looking because if you’ve ever been to the city on a Saturday night, you know you aren’t going to find parking anywhere quickly and if you do, chances are you’ll have to walk blocks upon blocks.  Somehow we managed to find a spot with a meter.  I have no idea where we were, but we knew we’d never make it to the theater any time soon if we walked.  We out money in the meter and started walking…to where, no idea.  One of my friends somehow managed to get us a cab.  Probably due to her good looks.  Turns out were only a few blocks away but still, we would never have managed to walk there due to our need for a bathroom and because I wasn’t wearing the greatest of shoes.


    Upon entering we could hear laughter as we tried our best to nonchalantly find our seats.  Once seated we were ready to start playing bingo.  I got my We Gotta Bingo “My Name Is” name tag and it appropriately said “Gorgeous” on it….great way to start the evening.  Let me put this into the best possible perspective.  You have to imagine yourself at a church fundraiser.  You have to pretend you are in that setting and you have to know that while in that setting, you’re getting “that” setting.  To put this as briefly as I can, you are at a church fundraiser where two churches are trying to raise money so that they can merge together to become one.  They are raising money through bingo.  You, paid to become a part of this scene.  Through playing the different games of bingo and during the breaks between games you got up, moved around and….danced with the cast.




    You were also served dinner.  One member of you table was required to get all your plates (paper) and utensils (plastic) and then they would go grab your food.  You received a serving of slightly warm lasagna (mine was too spicy – I think they added too much pepper in it), a small salad, and a piece of bread.  I would say for the money that you would be paying, the food wasn’t the best.  But then again, I try to remember it’s supposed to be a church fundraiser and what do you eat at one, perhaps this is it?  Then it’s back to playing bingo and watching the cast do their thing.




    The show itself was a lot of fun and we spent some time chatting it up with Rosa played by Jane Allyson.  She was a lot of fun.  The cast had a lot of energy, especially Bucky (Merrick Robison) and Darla (Jessica Scott).  By far, my favorite was listening to them.  There were real prizes too…now don’t get too excited, you didn’t win real money or anything like that.  More like garage sale finds and a fake big poster board check at the end.  Despite the food, it was a fun night out with the girls.  We had a lot of laughs and it was fun to go out with out having to deal with kids.


    For more information and to purchase tickets to We Gotta Bingo at the Chicago Theater, visit their website at



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