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    Grinch Dust

    Are your little ones worried about the Grinch coming to your house and stealing your Christmas??? Make this Grinch dust and help keep him at bay!

    I made this super cute Grinch dust for my son to hand out at his Kindergarten Christmas party.

    What you will need –


    Sugar – (Regular sugar, not powdered)

    Green food coloring

    Green glitter

    bag or baggie

    How to make –

    Pour sugar into a large bowl. Start with small amount unless you know you will need a very large amount.

    Drop about 6 to 8 drops of green food coloring into sugar. Spread and mix completely.


    Add more drops if needed.

    Add glitter and mix well.


    Pour into bags or baggies.



    I created this topper to place onto each bag myself.


    On the back of each topper it says:

    “Don’t let the Grinch steal your Christmas. You must be on your guard. Before retiring on Christmas Eve, sprinkle this dust out on your yard. The Grinch will see your magic dust and know you’ve taken great care, to protect your home and family and keep Christmas joy in the air.”


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