Saturday, June 15, 2024
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    I had an unexpected chance to join my 4th grader on a field trip today. I loved being a “fly on the wall”!

    Being 9 years old she was still excited enough to have me come along. Watching them interact with their class mates even so, most of the times staged,  as it was confirmed to me by their teacher, it is something every parent should have a chance to do. It was hard to constantly fight the urge to only correct her, which easily can feel like picking on your child.

    I walked right behind her when her best friend asked, “what is your biggest secret?” , she noticed me before she replied 🙁

    She loves being watched from a distance, teaching her responsibility for her own actions without letting her feel the pressure of failure, that is something I had to practice to give her a chance to grow!

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