Guitar Hero Live! FUN for the Whole Family!

Guitar Hero Live!
Favorite Holiday Find #6

Guitar Hero Live!  WOOHOO!!!  Let me tell you how excited we are about this game!!  We are a musical family…not singing around the piano musical family, but we love music and listen to it any chance we get.  My oldest has been in choir for about 9 years in school.  My son just recently discovered his love for the guitar and is self-teaching himself songs, notes, you name it.  My husband has an amazing ear for sound and can pretty much learn any song by ear alone.  My youngest loves the drums and had a beginner set years ago but she out grew that…and so did my ears.  When we had the opportunity to test out the new Guitar Hero Live, I knew what I had to say!  YES—please!!

We had Guitar Hero many years ago and I think it was probably when it first came out many moons ago.  The kids traded their video games in for computer games and having Guitar Hero Live on PS3 has sparked their interest in video games again.  With three kids, my oldest will play Guitar Hero Live with her boyfriend and hold guitar offs.  My son (shown above) usually comes home from school and plays a few songs before heading to his dungeon (his room).  My youngest, she’ll play any chance she gets…in between her brother and sister.  My son thinks he’s an expert and plays on that level…not me, I was on basic & the super easy level – I still struggle with my coordination!  My fingers don’t move that fast….really, they don’t.

Guitar Hero Live!

Guitar Hero Live comes with the guitar, guitar strap, batteries, and the game disc.  You can play live with real concertgoers and hear real reactions (like the booing I received which didn’t do anything for my confidence lol), or you can play guitar hero tv which is the world’s first playable music video network (you can play friends or other players from around the world).  It consists of a 230 song library!  My oldest was super excited to see some of her favorite bands were listed.  She didn’t think they would be but they were!

Here’s my son showing off his mad Guitar Hero Live skills.  He was bragging because he can play on expert and no one else in the family can.  YET!!




Guitar Hero Live is rated T – Teen and is available for Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and WiiU.  It has an MSRP of $99.99 and is available at Target, Walmart, Amazon.

This game is super fun and great for the entire family. We love it and that is why it has made its way to our Favorite Holiday Finds list! 🙂