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    Gumdrop Cases WORK! {Review}

    Hey guys, have you ever dropped your iPhone {or any phone for that matter}?  Have you ever experienced a cracked screen?  Do you know that heart-sinking feeling when you realize you just busted your very, very expensive cellphone?  Yeah, been there…  That’s when you wish you would have had a case on it…or at least a case that was durable and able to handle your busy and hectic lifestyle!  Introducing….Gumdrop Cases!




    Gumdrop Drop Tech Color cases are extremely rugged and durable in all situations.  Going on an adventure?  Be sure to grab your Gumdrop Drop Tech Color case!  It has amazing shock absorption and will protect your phone and screen from shattering, breaking and cracking when you {or your little one} drops it!!  It is by far the most durable phone case I’ve used!

    The Gumdrop Drop Tech Color case has a camera ring {some phone cases cover it and I always forgot about it, went to take a photo and got nothing but black!} that allows you to point and shoot without having to adjust or remove phone case pieces!  My iPhone 5 fits snuggly in the case and it was very easy to put together and take off!  It has its own  screen cover which adds to it’s protectiveness! 🙂  I love it so much that I really want to get one for my iPad next!  The Gumdrop Drop Tech Color case retails for $44.95 and comes in 8 different color combinations!


    Visit for more details and other amazing device cases!


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