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    Handling Summer Boredom #VerifiedMomBCN

    How do you handle Summer boredom with the kids?

    Beating Summer Boredom


    All of us parents have heard it more than once….”I’m bored”.  They could be home for a day or 60 days, you are bound to hear that phrase come out of your kids mouth at least once, if not many…many more times.  After a few times of hearing it, you start to get really annoyed.  Once you pass the point of extreme annoyance, you may find that locking the bedroom door and screaming into your pillow is a helpful piece of advice.
    But when that fails, you will be forced to come up with a solution.  A solution to cure boredom for your kids.  Because you know and I know that if you don’t come up with that instant solution, your day will seem like it’s 72 hours long and basically never ending.  I haven’t really found a solid solution to this boredom problem, but my first initial go to response is usually go outside and play.  They don’t really “play” anymore so that usually gets shot down pretty fast.  From there I usually tell them to go for a walk with the dogs or go for a bike ride.  Sometimes, on a rare occasion they will take the dogs for a nice walk. 


    If by chance that is a big fail, I’ll start throwing chores around for them to do.  Start their laundry, clean their dresser drawers, clean their rooms, clean their bathroom, pick up the dog poop…anything just to get the to do something.  Again, if that’s a fail, I’ll hop on Pinterest and see what I can find that we can do at home that won’t require me going to the store to buy materials or foods.  I once posted a video on Periscope showing how to make a bouncy ball that I saw on Pinterest.  EPIC FAIL!  While it was fun to do, and my youngest laughed at me the entire time, it took up about 15 minutes of our time and she forgot that she was bored.  When we finished cleaning up, she went to her room and reorganized the stuff on her shelves, cleaned out her hamster cage and changed the fish water without me even having to say a word.


    Sometimes I think they just need a temporary distraction in order to get back on the boredomless track.  We just picked up a cool 1000 piece puzzle at Target the other day and now I have them to put at least 10 pieces together.  Aside from screaming into a pillow, how do you handle summer boredom with your kids?

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    1. I’m so with you on that. We’ve had them choose a couple of things they want to learn over the summer and that seems to help curb the “I’m bored” for awhile. My kids are older too but I do force them to spend time outside even though they don’t want to! They seem to find things to do

    2. I’ve been stepping back and letting my daughter come up with her own things. She’s not thrilled with the new method (to say the least!) but eventually she does usually end up with something to do!

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