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More & Disney World -Enter to win & Disney World -Enter to win

    Summer is here and kids are trading classrooms for camp-outs, buses for
    bikes and math lessons for swimming lessons. Hanes also knows that the
    fun-filled season also means more family travel, which is why they are
    offering families everywhere in the US the chance to “Vacation in
    Comfort” during The Year of A Million Dreams at Walt Disney World(r)
    Resort. Buy specially marked packages of Hanes products and you could win a Walt Disney World vacation. (You can also request a free code by mail with a limit of 10 separately requested mail ins.)

    The contest runs from June through August 30, 2008 and seven winning
    families will be drawn on Sunday, September 21. You can visit for additional details and to enter.

    Emily Kaufman, aka “The Travel Mom”, will share some tips on that will help every family getaway be what it should be: fun and stress-free!

    Good luck to you!


    1. I want to follow my dreams and take my daughters to Walt Disney World.It will be there first time going to Walt Disney World.

    2. We have had very rough times theese past years, house and medical bills, and we have been trying to save enough money to take the trip to Disneyland, but it has been used to pay debts.

      Our families did not had the chance to take us to a trip of this kind, and well, I try as much as I can to make it posible for my daughters and my wife also. (And by that I can make my own dream come true as well)

    3. I talk my sister into going to court to get her two grand children. We won and now their with my sister. We all are helping with taking care of these two sweet girls. They have been in and out of drug houses and have seen things they shouldn’t of seen. Now their doing just great, in school and going to church. They are 4 & & and they are so cute and sweet. To me I think this would be a wonderful trip and they would have a ball if they could go to Disneyland. I thing they deserve a nice trip and would talk about it for a long time. We don’t have the money to take them so it would be nice to win a trip for them. It would be a dream came true

    4. Mi familia y yo deseamos con el corazon viajar a Disney. Mis hijas tienen 5 y 8 años y tienen ese sueño, quisiera poder hacercelos realidad. Somos una familia normal trabajamos fuerte pero no es tan facil poder costear los gastos de un viaje ya que al igual que todos tenemos bills que pagar. Asi que nos encantaria ganar este premio y darle a nuestras niñas la oportunidad de visitar el Mundo Magico de Disney.

    5. Iwould to take my 2 kids ages 3&11 to disney world they have never been on an airplane I would love to give them that experience and also to see aa of the disney characters.

    6. I would love to take my family to Disney World, we have been a bit drifting apart. Because my husband works two jobs, making sure he pays all the bills and specially paying the high cost mortgage on the house, were barely making it, living on pay check to pay check, me and my son are both going to school studying to get our degrees. We really just don’t have time and the money to go on a family vacation. So I really would love to go to Disney World and have a great family vacation together, it would truly be an experience of a life time for us to have a lovely family trip together to Disney World.

    7. I am not going to submit a sad story trying to explain how my life is so bad I need the Disney trip (tacky).

      Truth is we are very happy and enjoy our lives, and every couple of years we save enough money to take a trip to Disney World.

      The Disney experience is so uplifting and positive, it makes you feel wonderful! This year we are going and as usual went to Wal*mart to buy clothes/essentials for the trip and as usual we all bought Hanes brand shirts to wear the entire trip (that is how I found out about this contest-tag on the shirt).

      I came to the site and am alittle put off by everyone giving sad stories- instead of begging for a trip to “make you/someone else win”… be thankful for what you have and enjoy your life and family, the love and happiness starts at home, not in Disney.

      I do wish everyone who enters good luck, the winner will have the best time of their lives. And I am happy someone got to experience it.

    8. I have a wonderful husband, and an awesome daughter who is 6. We have not been to Disney yet we do plan to go at somepoint. If we won this trip it would be great. Then we could go sooner rather than later. I don’t usually enter things like this on the computer (honestly because I can’t usually figure them out) but I figured what the heck.

    9. All I wanted to do was to enter the contest. Hanes’ maze of detail and requests for seemingly useless information is criminal. This contest is a scam.
      Hane’s: This contest should make you feel dirty all under. I am sorry I am a customer.

    10. I SOOO agree with Jim’s assessment of the web site. I bought 4 pairs of sweat pants, to be able to enter the contest 4 times. I am web site savvy, and I have spent at least an hour trying to work thru theirs. No matter how I go, I cannot find anywhere that allows you to put in the code numbers that i have. I also was sent to one page that said the contest was over on Oct. 15th and said “sorry it is over!”
      The only way I could find how to enter was to make a purchase online.
      I wrote their cust service dept., and got a stock answer. Then today I stayed on the phone for almost 15 mins waiting to speak to someone in customer service about it! What a bunch of crap.

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