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    Happy Birthday to my little one!

    Today is my baby girl’s birthday.  She turns 4.  She is an amazing little creature I must say.  She is annoying beyond belief, however, she has such a unique personality that it just sets her apart from her siblings.  My oldest daughter is the “girly girl”, my son, who is the ‘middle child’ excels in baseball, math and any video game, while Gianna is a complete tomboy with a cute sensitive side.  She loves to play in the dirt, and then come in and feed her baby.  She loves to skateboard down the driveway on her stomach making a crash landing into the garbage cans, and then she loves to get her nails polished.  She has no fear and definitely is not afraid to try different things.  She is always on the go, is very active, loves baseball and football (which makes dad very happy, me, not so much), then she loves to sing and dance.  She is completely a well rounded child and it couldn’t make me happier.  She is my adventure, my wild child, my fantastically fun child and even though all her brave adventures and activities make my heart do somersaults, I couldn’t be more blessed.  She makes me laugh, cry and more importantly, proud.  She has a great heart, is helpful, shares well (on most days…shesh, she is only 4, lol) and is just a bundle of love.  I knew from her early entry into the world and all the problems I had encountered while pregnant, that this one, she would be a free spirited child that would give me a run for my money.


    Happy Birthday Baby Girl- I love you…for WHO you are!

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