Happy Mother’s Day!

To all our mom friends and family, we wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day filled with love, and laughter! Appreciate the burnt toast and runny scrambled eggs this morning. Enjoy the giggles and smiles through out the day. Remember the sounds of the kids voices saying, “I love you Mom”. Don’t hold back your tears of joy when you unwrap that handmade gift that was created in school just for you. The happiness and pride in their eyes will last a lifetime! For today is a day to remember. Remember all the joyful moments of how you assumed the name, “Mom”. Without your kids, you would not be a mom. Celebrate their life too. Give them a gift. Give them a great big hug, and be sure to say, “Thank You, I LOVE it!”. And what ever you do, do not forget to tell your mom you love her too!