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    Have Summer? Have Mosquito Bites! {and giveaways}

    I love summer, I really do, however it’s all the bugs and disgusting little creatures that come out at night that I am not thrilled with!  My two most hated insects during summer are flies and mosquitos.  With flies, you know they are flying around you, you know when they land on you, and you can hear them.  With mosquitos, well, you don’t really know they’ve landed on you until it’s too late!  OUCH!!!  I was the one child that would swell up after getting bit by one of those horrid insects.  Nothing really made it feel any better, not ice, not lotions or potions.  I just had to suffer with the itching and swelling.  Luckily, none of my kids really had the same experience as I did when I was younger.  My kids get bit and they itch.  We have tried many over the counter bite lotions, ointments, and sprays to only have them sting more than getting stung by a bee!  The kids would screech in pain and their little eyes would swell up with water.  Nothing seemed to do the trick.  That was until I learned about BeKOOOL.

    BeKOOOL Itch Relief Patches are like little pre-medicated circle stickers that temporarily relieves pain and itching associated with not only insect bites but with poison ivy and other minor skin irritations.    I did like that they were clear so no one could really see you had something on your arm or leg and the other awesome thing about this product was that it wasn’t messy or greasy!  No tubes to worry about, no gels or creams to get everywhere, just one simple little pre-medicated clear dot.

    The two things I was most concerned with regarding the BeKOOOL Itch Relief Patches were, did it actually work like it said and did it sting my kids more than the actual insect bite.  We had to test it for ourselves…

    We tested it out on two of my children and both came back with similar conclusions.

    1.  It did help with the itching.  With it covered, it was easier for them to not to scratch the area.  They felt it protected their bites better so they didn’t make it worse by itching and scratching it all the time.

    2.  It was easy to use and replace as needed.    {It is stated that you can apply one patch to the area up to three times daily and that each patch can last up to 5 hours}  They did reapply as needed and found that it cut down their “tender” time.  To them, their tender time is usually right after and it could last up to two days of being uncomfortable with the bites.  When using the BeKOOOL Itch Relief Patch, it did seem to cut that time down a bit.

    3.  It did sting just a little bit at first when the pre-medicated patch hit the bite mark, but it didn’t make them swell up in tears, it was something more of just a little moment to let you know that the medication was there.  I would say that sensation lasted maybe a couple seconds as opposed to a minute or longer like we would experience with other lotions and sprays and to me, that is a HUGE improvement to what we were used to seeing.

    4.  When you’re done, you’re done.   My kids only needed to wear the patch for one day and they were fine.  My son woke up itching, put the patch on and by the end of the day, he said he didn’t need one any more.  He knew, he was done.  My daughter experienced the same thing and she gets worse bite reactions than my son and her itch time and need for the product was cut down as well.

    Overall, mom thinks it works great!  I heard no complaints, saw no teary eyes, and was very pleased with the product itself.  It was quick and very easy to use!  Each box comes with 18 clear pre-medicated patches that are about an inch in diameter and are about $5 per box.  They are available at Walmart, Dollar General, Walgreens and to name a few.  You can visit for more information.

    Make sure you stick them in your bags or backpacks when you go out for hikes, camping, picnics, you name it, just keep some on hand because you never know when those little bugs will get ya!

    I now have a really awesome giveaway for you guys!  You will definitely love this!  Check it out…

    One very LUCKY reader will …Win the entire line of BeKOOOL® products, a year-long subscription to FamilyFun Magazine, the book, The Travel Mamas’ Guide, and a BeKOOOL tote:

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    • BeKOOOL’s Itch Relief Patches provide fast-acting, targeted, medicated relief from itching due to insect bites, poison ivy, minor skin irritations, cuts and scrapes. The Itch Patch is nearly invisible on skin and provides a protective physical barrier that stays in place and helps protect the irritated area from further infection. (
    • BeKOOOL Cooling Wipes are single use cloths that provide instant personal cooling without refrigeration.
    • BeKOOOL Kids are single use cooling gel sheets specially formulated for kids to provide immediate cooling relief from fever.
    • BeKOOOL Migraine are single use cooling gel sheets that provide immediate soothing relief from migraine headaches.


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    Giveaway ends at midnight (central time) on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013! Valid for US residents and addresses only. No purchase necessary to enter. Winner will be randomly selected. We will contact the winner by email.  The winner will have 48 hours to confirm and respond with delivery details.  If no response is received, the winner will forfeit their prize and it will then be awarded to a randomly selected runner up.  Limited to one set of entries per household.

    Good Luck!






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