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Healthy Holiday S.O.S. What’s that?


Healthy Holiday

Healthy holiday?  I don’t think I’ve every had a healthy holiday!  So with today’s #12DaysOfBlogmas, I had to think what was I going to write about a healthy holiday other than I don’t have one…ever!  However, that being said, it is saying a lot.  It is saying that I am making a conscious choice to treat myself badly during the most stressful (yet joyous) time of the year.  Here I am sitting at the highest weight I have ever been at (without being pregnant mind you) and knowing in my mind that I need to consciously make better choices at my holiday dinner table(s).Healthy Holiday HA HA HAWhat does that mean exactly?  I usually start dieting (or living healthier, which ever way you say it, change has to happen), around this time.  The reason I choose this time of the year is because I figure if I can get through the hardest “feeding frenzy” that only exists during the holidays, I can get through a regular, non-feeding frenzy day.  If anything my goal is to NOT gain anymore weight during this time of year.  If I can get through the holiday without a gain, or even a loss, it’s a win for me.

So what has to happen?  It’s quite simple actually.
  1. Plan.  We know every year what we serve for the holiday so why not make a plan?  Plan on eating more salad and less bread.  Plan on eating more fruit, less cookies.  You can make a plan.  If you have to bring a dessert, bring on that has fruit in it.  If you want a dip for your fruit, check out pinterest and make a low calorie one.  You have options and you have choices!  Make healthy ones!
  2. Don’t eat.  Just kiddin, of course we have to eat, but it’s what we will be eating that matters.  My focus is going to be eating fruits and veggies.  NO MATTER WHAT!!  And, that said, I hate fruits and veggies.  I actually hate veggies more than fruits, but fruits also contain a lot of natural sugar which is not very good for you should you eat too many of them.   You have options and you have choices!  Make healthy ones!
  3. Drink!  LOTS!!  You can fill up on water!  Do it!  I know, I am not a fan of water.  Water to me is boring.  I did however find some caffeine free iced tea that I will be bringing with me (unless my mom has some made already).  I don’t drink anything alcoholic so that isn’t an issue for me.  But if you have to drink something with a little alcohol in it, find a healthier version of what ever it is and drink that.  My down fall is diet drinks.  I have to get away from those too!  But, again, you have options and you have choices!  Make healthy ones!
  4. Exercise.  UGH!!!  I hate that too which is partially the reason I am in this situation. Last year I had developed plantar fasciitis and I wasn’t able to exercise the way I like to so I just stopped.  BAD choice!!  Now, that over a year has passed, I am not in the exercise mindset or have the motivation to exercise.  That is a choice and it is a BAD one!  You need to actively make that choice to exercise and it’s about time that I make it.  You have options and you have choices!  Make healthy ones!
  5. Have a goal.  It doesn’t have to be a huge goal.  Start out with a small one.  For me, my goal is to lose a least 4 pounds by the end of the year.  That is something that I can realistically do.  It is something that is not hard to do.  When you follow the first four steps, I’m pretty positive that I can reach my goal and I’d feel good about it.  It all starts with choices.  I have options and I have choices.  It’s time I start making healthy ones!  How about you?
  6. Treat Yo Self!  And not with food! Don’t celebrate those victories with food!  Celebrate by taking a nice, long, hot bubble bath with bubbles that you only see in the movies!  Buy yourself a new book or a new pair of cute socks (cause as mom says, your feet stay the same size), or get your hair done or get a mani-pedi.  You have options and you have choices!  Make healthy ones…and make them FUN!  You deserve it because YOU are worth it!

I’d love to have an accountability partner with this.  If you are looking to shed a few pounds (on in my case, a LOT of pounds) and would like to have a partner to work on this with email me!


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  1. Thank you for your honesty! I can relate in too many ways to this post. It’s easy to use the holidays as an excuse but you are right, instead of excuses we need to make healthy choices. Great advice! Merry Christmas!

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