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    Let the Spring training begin!

    As a “non” sports mom, it was quite a shocker to me that I actually enjoyed going to and watching my son and his team play baseball last summer.  It not only helped to build up my son’s confidence, but it helped to build my love of the game.   Which is one of the reasons I, or I should say, we (my son and I), decided to start this website.  You see there will be links scattered about the site and yes, when you click on those links or better yet, make a purchase, a portion of that cost will go to us.  With a slightly chaotic economy, we decided to set up this affiliated website to help offset some of our travel fees and purchases of new gloves, bats, shoes, and anything else that is required of us during the season.  We hope that you will love visiting us from time to time to see how things are going as we will be updating this particular category with all my sons baseball adventures and we hope that from time to time you will click on a few of those links you see here, make a purchase or two to help us on his traveling journey.

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